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… and why BEYOND is the perfect starting point to enjoy their creations

With currently 14, Munich is the German city with the second most Michelin-starred restaurants after Berlin. Unsurprisingly, the Bavarian capital is a popular destination for gourmets from all over the world. To round off the enjoyable short trip in a fitting manner, the accommodation should be equally exclusive and sophisticated. That being said, BEYOND posts the perfect choice for your gourmet vacation in Munich. The central location directly on Marienplatz also ensures that many of the best restaurants can be reached in a jiffy.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to the Michelin star restaurants and their chefs in a little more detail.

Tohru Nakamura at Schreiberei

With Schreiberei, Tohru Nakamura already runs his second 2-star Michelin restaurant (after Werneckhof by Geisel). In 2020, he was named Chef of the Year by Gault Millau. His menus combine French and Japanese influences.

Anton Gschwendtner at Atelier

In August 2021, Michelin-starred chef Anton Gschwendtner took over the Atelier am Promenadenplatz. Six months later, he already received two Michelin stars for his cuisine, which combines the highest precision, excellent products and contrasting flavors.

Benjamin Chmura at Tantris

Canadian Benjamin Chmura cooked under some of the best Michelin star chefs in the world. Today, he himself is one of them, which is one reason why he took over the kitchen of the legendary Tantris in 2021. Since 1974, the restaurant founded by the German godfather of haute cuisine Eckart Witzigmann has held at least two Michelin stars!

Bobby Bräuer at EssZimmer

Bobby Bräuer is now one of the old masters of Munich’s Michelin star chefs. He used to cook side by side with Eckart Witzigmann. Since 2013, he has been providing modern, creative cuisine at EssZimmer that dazzles with wit and depth of flavor.

Stefan Barnhusen at Mountain Hub Gourmet

In 2020, Stefan Barnhusen came to Mountain Hub Gourmet, located directly at Munich Airport. So you can lose yourself in one of his intense and creative taste experiences right after your arrival in Munich.

Mario Gamba at Acquarello

Mario Gamba opened Acquarello in 1994, and its reputation as Munich’s most exclusive Italian restaurant was further cemented by the Michelin star award in 2000. Fresh, Mediterranean gourmet cuisine with a keen focus on the essentials.

Florian Berger at Gabelspiel

Michelin star chef Florian Berger and his wife Sabrina fulfilled themselves a dream in 2016. Since the opening of the Gabelspiel restaurant, they have been providing a down-to-earth gourmet experience. Craftsmanship, heart and homeliness are top of mind, both in the menu and the service.

Dominik Käppeler at Showroom

The Schwarzreiter restaurant on Maximilianstrasse is a gastronomic institution in Munich. Therefore, head chef Hannes Reckziegel has great expectations to fulfills and since 2021 he has even exceeded them with his “young Bavarian cuisine”.

Hannes Reckziegel at Schwarzreiter

Das Restaurant Schwarzreiter an der Maximilianstraße ist eine gastronomische Institution in München. Sternekoch und Küchenchef Hannes Reckziegel hat also große Erwartungen zu erfüllen. Das gelingt ihm seit 2021 ganz ausgezeichnet mit seiner „jungen bayerischen Küche“.

Sigi Schelling at Werneckhof

Female Michelin star chefs are a rarity in Munich, too! So it was a true enrichment for the city’s restaurant landscape when Sigi Schelling took over the Werneckhof in the summer of 2021. A seasonal, honest cuisine full of finesse.

Nathalie Leblond & Gregor Goncharov at Les Deux

Too many chefs spoil the broth, but two is a real blessing – at least at Les Deux. The chef duo, consisting of Nathalie Leblond and Gregor Goncharov, celebrate modern French haute cuisine in a way that is unparalleled in Munich.

Jürgen Wolfsgruber at the Sparkling Bistro

When Jürgen Wolfsgruber opened Sparkling Bistro in 2015, a relaxed atmosphere far removed from the clichéd gourmet restaurant was important to him. The Michelin star came anyway, or perhaps… because of it.

Virginie Protat at Tantris DNA

We have already mentioned Eckart Witzigmann and the Tantris. Those who want to relive the culinary delights of the grand master and his almost equally famous Tantris successors such as Heinz Winkler and Hans Haas can now do so with Michelin star chef Virginie Protat at Tantris DNA.

Gourmet by Geisel


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    Geisels Weingalerie
    Something exquisite for your palate: At Geisels Weingalerie, sommelier Francesco di Carlo brings together the most exclusive wines from the most famous vineyards of Europe.

Family Geisel

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