Beyond by Geisel

Adults only

Welcome to BEYIOND by Geisel, an exclusive residence featuring 19 luxurious rooms and suites.

One of the standout features of Beyond Munich is its focus on adults only. The BEYOND is only open to children 13 years or older. This decision allows our guests to enjoy an atmosphere of peace and relaxation without any distractions. Here, adults can immerse themselves in a world free from children’s and family activities, focusing entirely on their own rest and rejuvenation.

The intimacy and exclusivity of our residence create a serene atmosphere perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Our spacious suites provide a sanctuary for undisturbed moments together.

Furthermore, the focus on Adults Only creates a sophisticated and refined atmosphere evident in every detail of our residence. From our personalized concierge service to the exquisite dining experiences we offer, everything is geared towards providing our guests with a first-class stay.

For business travelers and solo adventurers, Beyond Munich offers a place of tranquility and inspiration. Here, they can focus on their work, make new connections, and find themselves in an environment that supports and inspires them.

Overall, Beyond Munich is more than just a luxury hotel – it’s a place of tranquility, luxury, and exclusivity dedicated exclusively to the needs of adult guests.