• Vinothek by Geisel - the à la carte restaurant
  • Vinothek by Geisel - the à la carte restaurant
  • Treat yourself with that geat food
  • culinary delights at the Beyond by Geisel
  • Robert Zeller, host in the Vinotheque by Geisel
  • Thomas Kahl, chef in the vinotheque by Geisel

Geisel Restaurants

Vinothek by Geisel


Bavarian when it comes to style, cosmopolitan when it comes to character. At Geisel’s Vinothek, gourmets are presented with a wine menu featuring over 700 different wines and a mix of Italian and Bavarian specialities. Ranging from freshly sliced San Daniele prosciutto to homemade pasta with oxtail ragout.
Particularly inviting and one of the best wine restaurants in Munich.

Monday – Friday
12:00 PM – 00:00 PM

04:00 PM – 00:00 PM

closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Family Geisel

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